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"When all was said and done, the best advice I got from friends was "hire an architect." they were
very right. And Doug Baumgartner was just the right architect..."

Boulder Home &Garden Magazine: Winter 2007 | Fall 2006

Boulder County Business Report, Mercury 100:
Baumgartner a Model Architect


RDS Architecture provides complete residential architectural services specific to client needs, both functionally and economically. Architectural styles and materials are generated in the design process through client desires and the environment that it's to be built in. We work collaboratively between designer and client to produce project specific results. Each projects climate, context site and functon are integrated for a professional outcome to be realized. Construction Management is the natural progression in our complete architectural service. We bring over 25 years of experience in design and construction to our work and strive to provide excellence in service for client satisfaction.

Compiling client needs into a concise written statement of space and style requirements.
Architectural Design
Graphic presentations illustrating space planning, architectural style, function, massing and spatial relationships.
Construction Drawing and Specifications
Accurate drawings and specifications with integrated engineering related to the construction process and trades.
Construction Management
Professional oversight of the construction
process to insure the design intent and costs are maintained.

"...Because Doug spent many years as a successful General Contractor, he has a deep understanding of what makes a structure sound. In my Prarie-style house for example, there are 2 1/2 foot eves and the house never even creaks when the Boulder wind hits hard. And as an architect, Doug knows the ins and outs of design and style, balance, detail, color, and all those little aspects that come together to make a house work. When positioning the kitchen island for example, he knew that we needed more room than I thought to allow traffic to flow around it. By adding stone around the bar-fireplace area, he created an awe-inspiring design to accent the entire area.

I thought that sharing the hopes and dreams for "my house" with a total stranger was going to be daunting, but it was surprisingly easy with Doug. His easygoing manner made collabolration a pleasant, fruitful experience. His knowledge and insight enabled us to work off each other's ideas in a very creative interaction that led to a wonderful home."

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